Areas of Vertical Market Expertise

By virtue of the extensive operating experience derived from employment at "A" level market leaders in the Silicon Valley, TSI has remarkable skills that can be brought to bear on very complex businesses. In our International Client List, former and current clients are grouped among more generic descriptions of market segments. However, within those general descriptions are very diverse companies experiencing dramatic change due to rapidly evolving technologies and market demands.

Specifically, automation software encompasses the entire spectrum of electronic design and the attendant functions which include creation (architectural definition, logic design and circuit implementation).

Under specialized computer systems, broad categories such as, hardware simulation, semiconductor testers, math intensive medical imaging and parallel processing are included.

Wireless components and subsystems address the subscriber terminal and base stations for analog, dual mode and digital communications, ranging from GSM, CDMA and the other foreign systems as well as telemetry transceivers in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band.

High value-added semiconductors include discrete devices as well as math intensive logic processors utilized in video compression for real time transmission and simplified 486 and Pentium-based products.

In summary, TSI has the capacity to:

• Bring very specific applications knowledge to bear on complex technologies,
• Understand the problems in detail, and
• Develop successful product, marketing and sales strategies for its clients.